Weighting Modes

Methodology detail on Compa Offer's two weighting modes: Weight by Offers; Weight by Companies

'Weight by Offers' Mode

Market data is weighted by offers through the aggregation of all participant offers. No single data point is displayed unless it is represented by at least 3 companies and 5 offers.

This mode also adhere's to the Percent of Market rule.

'Weight by Companies' Mode

'Weight by Companies' mode first calculates discrete percentiles for each participating company based on their individual offers. Market percentiles are then derived from the median of the set of company-specific percentiles.

This approach ensures that the market view reflects a balanced representation of all companies, taking into account the diversity in data across different entities.

In order to be factored into a data point, a company must contribute at least 3 offers. No single data point is displayed unless 5 or more companies contribute to it.


Calculating market data for the 25th Percentile:

  Offer 01 Offer 02 Offer 03 Offer 04 Offer 05 25th Percentile
Company 01 $120K $130K $128K $131K $122K $122K
Company 02 $110K $116K $118K $122K   $114.5K
Company 03 $98K $112K $116K     $105K
Company 04 $153K $115K       (NA: Does not pass ≥ 3 offers rule)

For this example, the resulting market's 25th Percentile would be the median from the set of 25th Percentiles: $114.5K