Compa Data Privacy

At Compa, we take the protection and privacy of your data seriously. 

We believe data privacy is crucial to:

  • protect the rights and interests of our Compa participants;
  • ensure the accuracy and reliability of data; and
  • maintain trust between Compa and each customer.

To that end, we have instituted several rules to ensure other companies can never see individual offers from, or identifying offer information about, your company.

Minimum n-counts

Ability to see data by job family, level or location - or any combination thereof - is governed by n-counts.

In 'Weight by Offers' mode, we require a minimum company count of three (3) and a minimum offer count of five (5) for any combination of aggregate data.

In 'Weight by Companies' mode, we require a minimum company count of five (5) and a minimum offer count of three (3) for any combination of aggregate data.

Percent of Market

We also have rules in place to ensure that no single customer represents more than 66% of any aggregate offers market data.

As the Compa Offers data set continues to grow and we onboard more customers, that percentage will be gradually stepped down. Over the next six months, our ultimate goal is that no single customer will represent more than 40% of the market.

Note this rule does not apply to country data sets with a low volume status. These countries may not have high enough offer volume to support multiple families and/or may only have a few levels meeting n-counts, but data signal is often important, or helpful, enough to provide results.

Peer Groups

Reducing a data set can have a large impact on the statistical validity and ability to conduct meaningful analyses. To protect the privacy of our customers and in order to provide the highest reliability and generalizability of results, we require inclusion of at least 10 companies for peer group development and availability in Compa Offers. Additionally, no company in a peer group can contribute more than 35% of all data across the companies in the peer group.