FAQs: Privacy & Security

Is Compa SOC2 compliant?

Yes, Compa is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Data privacy and security is Compa’s top priority, and we are proud of our strong security program.

You can learn more about Compa’s security program by visiting https://www.trycompa.com/security.

How does Compa use our data?

Compa connects to your applicant tracking system (ATS) via API to seamlessly pull in accepted and rejected offer data.

Your data contributes to the Compa Offers real-time market intelligence cloud with Compa’s network of customer data, and returns as aggregated market insights.

Additionally, you can use Compa Offers to get internal dashboard reporting on your own offer history.

Can other companies see my individual offers?

No, other companies cannot see any individual offers made by your company.

Can other companies see the names of my candidates?

No, no personal identifying information (PII) contributes to the real-time market intelligence cloud across Compa tenants.

What are the minimum n-counts to protect privacy?

Minimum company count is 3 and minimum offer count is 5.

Other companies can never see individual offers or identifying offer information about your company.

Want to find out more? Check out this article or contact sales@trycompa.com to chat with a team member.