What does the dataset include?

Soft Launch FAQs

Q: Is the data in Offers reflective of each individual company or this entire pilot group’s offers?

A: It's both!

On the Market page for any particular job family, you'll be able to view both offers market data (e.g., the aggregation of all companies reporting data for the combination of filters) AND your organization's offer data.

Let's take this example:

Areas highlighted in pink are representative of the entire offers market and will display based on the filters you have set.

  • Chart: base salary for all companies that have accepted offers for P4 and P5 SWEs in the US in the last year

  • Info box (top right): statistics related to the filtered offers market data set, like average offer, range of base salary for those offers, win rate, etc.

  • Table (bottom left): offers market data broken out by each level

Areas highlighted in yellow are YOUR organization's offer data and are subject to the same filters you have set.

  • Table (bottom right): YOUR offer data broken out by level

  • Info box (middle right): count of your offers and ability to navigate to that offer list

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