Webhooks Integration: Greenhouse

Compa currently syncs data from Greenhouse once daily, however there are often changes made in Greenhouse that would be helpful to see immediately in Compa, specifically:

  • When a candidate’s job stage has changed; and/or

  • When a specific data attribute has changed, like Job Family.

When either of these events happen in Greenhouse, a webhook can be generated and sent to Compa at which point we’ll make an update - all in real time.

To get started, follow the four easy steps below.

  1. Contact your Greenhouse administrator.

    1. Setting up webhooks configuration requires access to Dev Center permissions, which is limited to admins.

  2. Forward these set up instructions to the Greenhouse admin.

  3. Once set up, ensure you forward the Endpoint URL and Secret Key to Compa.

  4. Start reaping the benefits of real-time updates!

Have questions? Reach out to us via Support or the in-app chat.