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How to view data about candidate Companies

How often are you exposed to valuable data about your competitors from candidates, but don't have a way to capture or share it? Do you find that you're encountering some of the same companies in the market, but don't have a comprehensive way to understand your record of performance against that company?

With Companies, Compa is automatically creating a company profile for each of your competitors and surfacing helpful insights. Editing tools allow you to add more data to a company profile, which can be shared across your entire team. Additionally, as you encounter the same companies in the market, Compa produces a record of performance against that company that includes how often you win, how much a company pays, and the job families and locations where you compete.

When you use the Companies feature, you can can grow your understanding about the market and more effectively tailor offer strategies against specific competitors in order to close more candidates.

To get started, navigate to the Companies tab from the left-hand navigation bar.

  1. View and/or search for companies

  2. Use filter to view companies by All or Active Candidates, or toggle between Number of Candidates / Number of Offers

  3. View summary statistics for win rates and pay insights

Once you've found a Company, select it's card to drill into insights, company knowledge and related candidates.

  1. View and edit information about the company's offer and compensation practices

  2. View and interact with charts and summary info about your organization's experience with the company, including:

    1. Competing and sourced win rates over time

    2. Top candidate rejection reasons (to the extent this information is captured in your ATS)

  3. Add notes with other relevant information

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