View Your List of Candidates

Get oriented to the Candidates home screen

Compa integrates with your ATS to show active and past candidates, and enriches that existing data to make it easier to discover and analyze candidate offer history. You can then add or augment data to improve the offer creation process. You'll benefit from our automated analytics and offer intelligence to help you tailor offer strategies to specific candidate attributes.

The Candidates screens help you get started by:

  1. Making it easy to discover and automatically analyze past candidate offer data;

  2. Helping you capture, analyze, and communicate candidate pay; and

  3. Establishing a powerful organizational and data foundation for creating offers.

To get started, navigate to Candidates from the left-hand navigation bar (this is also where you land on initial log in) to get an at-a-glance view of Candidate data.

  • List view provides summary details on each candidate.

  • Toggle view to see Active or Archived (past) candidates.

  • Use search field or drop downs to filter data based on your needs.

  • Hover on icons to reveal tooltips with more information.

To see more detail about a Candidate, click on their row. From the Overview you can input data, view side-by-side comparisons develop tailored offers using Compa analytics, or navigate directly to the candidate's profile in the ATS via the deeplink next to the candidate's application. You can also see the last time data was synced from your ATS.

You can also access: