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Are you increasingly under pressure to know your numbers? How often are you asked to report out on win rates, cost management, pay fairness, or any number of metrics that are tough to come by? Wouldn't it be great if all that information was not only at your fingertips, but provided you the opportunity to help set strategy with your team, leadership and other internal stakeholders, and adapt to the changing talent landscape?

Compa's Reporting feature helps you grow your understanding of offer performance. Instead of relying on difficult-to-use systems with unstructured data for reporting, Compa creates a selection of default charts to help you visualize trend data over time. By automatically enriching and analyzing the offer data that flows through Compa from your ATS, we provide a real-time view of performance so you can know your numbers with minimal effort.

To get started, navigate to the Reporting tab from the left-hand navigation bar.

Overview Tab

Overview includes summary statistics by Pay Element, Win Rate and Pay Bias Risk. Filters at the top can be changed to visualize data by different time periods, or to drill into specifics for companies you compete against, location, job family, job and/or level.

The top section breaks down your organization's internal offers by pay element to provide additional insights into how each is being used and performing. Hover tooltips highlight definitions and time periods.

Each overview card displays trend against the prior time period, including:

  • Total spend;

  • Average value; and

  • What percentage the pay element is present within offers.

The bottom section provides macro level insights into Win Rate and Pay Bias Risk.

Analysis Tab

Analysis provides an opportunity to further drill into details. You can compare your organization's pay insights to it's guidelines, as well as analyze top competitors, locations and jobs / levels.

  • Use filters at the top to change and visualize trend data over time

  • Understand trends like median pay, win rate and compa-ratio on a micro level

  • Hover tooltips highlight additional details

Have suggestions or ideas about other analytics you'd find helpful? Give us a shout via Support or chat!