View Candidates by Company

How to view the Candidates associated with each Company

While your ATS collects a lot of pieces of information, its often unstructured and difficult to extract. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily view all the candidates associated with a company you keep coming up against in the market? Or be able to quickly report back to a hiring manager the active candidates in play for a specific company?

Within a Companies detail screen, you have the ability to search, filter and toggle your way to a meaningful Candidates list.

Click on Companies from the side menu, and then on a company card. Once in the Company's detail page, click on the Candidates tab in the upper left corner.

From this screen you can:

  • Search and filter to get to a specific Candidates list

  • Toggle between Active and Past Candidates, or between Competing and Sourced offers

  • View at-a-glance information about Candidates, including their job, total offer, status and where they may have competing offers

If you're interested in drilling down into a specific Candidate's detail, you can click on their row to navigate to their Candidate profile page.

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