Understand Guideline Effectiveness

Is there an ever-evolving conversation in your organization about pay ranges? Besides where they live and who has access to them, almost every organization is often discussing their timeliness and relevance in today's fast-moving labor market.

With the Guidelines feature, Compa not only helps you find your company's policies on how much you can offer candidates, but we also give you insights about the effectiveness of those pay guidelines in the real world.

Besides accessing Guidelines from the menu bar, we've also made them available for view via Offer Builder, on Swimlanes, and as a hover tooltip on Side-by-Side.

The Offer Builder highlights Guidelines by pay element so you can ensure you're making informed decisions as you craft your offer. Additionally, Traffic Lights help you understand how aligned your Offer is to your company's Guidelines.

Swimlanes compares your Guidelines against other pieces of compensation data - like Competing Offer(s), Pay Expectations, and/or Similar Offers - so you can more easily identify the effectiveness of those guidelines in the market.

You can also see how your offer stacks up against Guidelines via Side-by-Side. Red, yellow and green indicators in your Offer column (and corresponding hover tooltips) next to pay elements provide view into alignment to guidelines.

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