When you're trying to close a candidate, having all the information at your fingertips to make the right offer is sometimes a tall ask. Imagine being able to go to one place to compare all the relevant supporting data at-a-glance, or quickly add more data you know about the candidate. Wouldn't it be great if you could focus on an apples-to-apples pay comparisons and view insights that made it easier to take the right action?

Swimlanes to the rescue! This awesome chart enables you to compare pay, offers, guidelines and Compa insights - all in one place. Now you can navigate to a candidate's detail and instantly know what it takes to win. You can feel confident you have what you need to create and share a winning offer. You can also look forward to showing your recommended offer to the hiring manager, and justifying what you plan to spend with your Compensation and/or Finance teams!

To get started, navigate to a candidate's detail and scroll to the bottom of the Overview page.

From here you can:

  • See all of the candidate's data in an easy-to-navigate visualization

  • Add or update pay insights or offer information

  • View lowest, highest and median base salaries for current employees

  • Hover over bars / data elements to get more information

  • Access Side-by-Side

Rows within the Swimlanes can be hidden by clicking the eye icon to the left of each row. You can unhide rows by clicking the "+#" in the top righthand corner of the Swimlanes. Depending on how many rows you've hidden, you'll have the option to expand all, or pick specific rows to reinclude.

Why would you hide rows? Hidden rows persist for Share link functionality, meaning you have the ability to customize what your internal stakeholder views.

Hovering over data elements - like Our Offers, Competing Offers, Pay Expectations, Guidelines or Similar Offers - provides additional details so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Does your screen look different than our examples? That's ok! Rows and data values will appear if available, or as entered by the user. For example, if your organization doesn't have Guidelines, that row won't appear.

Want to send all this awesome information to an internal stakeholder? Click on "Share" in the upper right corner to activate and send a link.

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