Similar Offers

Your organization is in hypergrowth mode and you've been tasked with hiring a ton more engineers. Wish you had kept better notes or had a system that could help you understand what offers looked like for past candidates?

Thankfully, Compa is here to help! Our Similar Offers feature provides summary data so you can easily, and quickly, get to the information you need. We use scoring and algorithms to determine a list of offers that is most similar to your applicant based on attributes like location, level and job family, and then provide useful statistics to help you make more informed decisions.

To get started, navigate to a candidate's detail screen. In the top left corner, under their name, click on “Similar Offers”. (Note: for purposes of this article, we use the nomenclature of "Similar Offers" for ease of reference. However, this nomenclature will show up in your configuration of Compa as "[your company name] Offers".)

From this screen you can:

  1. View aggregate win rate percentage, total similar offers and the average offer for the similar offers

  2. See a list of similar offers and click on a row to view detail

  3. Provide feedback on Compa’s match, and if its not quite right, share why

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