How to view a detailed comparison for your candidate

We know recruiters love their spreadsheets (we love ours too! 😏), but gathering, inputting, displaying and maintaining data takes time away from closing candidates! So if you're already using Compa to capture candidate, pay and offer data, why not let us do the heavy lifting on aggregating and displaying all that information?

To that end, Compa has created a detailed comparison view called Side-by-Side to help you visualize data, gain insights and communicate a clear business case for your offer to internal stakeholders.

To get started, navigate to a Candidate's profile page and click on the Side-by-Side tab under the candidate's name.

Any data already collected in Compa (via you, your colleagues or your ATS) will be automatically filled in and structured. Individual pay elements and totals are located in rows, and Offer(s), Competing Offers and candidate Pay Expectations are located in columns.

  1. Percent differences are calculated based on the Offer selected in the first column.

    1. Red = comparison is lower than your offer

    2. Green = comparison is higher than your offer

  2. Clicking on a column header opens the edit modal for the associated Pay Insight (your Offer, Competing Offer(s), and/or Pay Expectations).

  1. Green, yellow and/or red indicators next to pay elements in your Offer column indicate whether the value is within or outside guidelines (to the extent you have guidelines in Compa) and the associated compa-ratio

    1. Hovering provides a tooltip with additional details

The Side-by-Side view can be changed based on individual preferences.

  1. Click on the "eye" icon to hide a column.

  2. Click on the "+" icon to unhide individual columns or expand all of them.

  3. Use the dropdown on your Offers column to select which offer to use as a comparison for percent difference calculations.

    1. There will only be a drop down available to the extent there are multiple Offers (either from your ATS, or developed in Compa).

Want to share this awesome table with an internal stakeholder or candidate? Click on Share in the upper right corner of the Candidate profile to toggle what you'd like your recipient to see and send.

Have questions about the Side-by-Side feature? Reach out to us via Chat or Support.