Peer Groups

As part of analytics and setting strategy, it’s important to be able to precisely define and filter market data to those companies that most accurately represent your competitive labor market. Data can be wildly different between different company types (e.g., public vs. private) and growth models (e.g., high growth vs. mature) and without the ability to set peer groups, its hard to leverage the highest value market signal.

Peer Groups allows users to define sets of comparable organizations based on companies currently available in Compa's dataset.

Getting Started

Offers Admin users can develop a new Peer Group using this submission form or in app.



Submission Rules

There are a few items to keep in mind as you develop your Peer Group(s).

  1. Only Offers Admins can create Peer Groups.
  2. More than 30 days have passed since a Peer Group was deleted / inactivated.
  3. A Peer Group must contain at least 10 companies (your organization does not have to be one of the 10).
  4. Peer Groups must be at least two (2) companies different than any existing Peer Groups.
  5. Only customers that have completed their Offers integration and are live in app are available to be included in your Peer Group.

Submission Review

Once a Peer Group has been completed, the Compa team will review to ensure it meets submission and data privacy rules.

If it passes, you’ll receive an email indicating your peer group is available in Offers. Typical turn-around from submission to availability in app is three (3) business days.

If we have questions about your submission, the Compa team will reach out to you directly.

Availability in App

You can find your Peer Group(s) at the top of the Jobs or Locations screens within Market views.

Use the dropdown to view details about your Peer Group including the associated name and total count. A tooltip with the list of included companies is available when you hover over the total count for any particular Peer Group.

After choosing a Peer Group from the menu, market data on the Jobs or Locations screens will reflect the selected Peer Group. The Peer Group filter will persist until changed by the user.

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Questions, comments and feedback are always welcome. Live chat in app or email us!