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Job Architecture Detail: Job Families

Data in Offers is organized in several different ways - by location, industry, level and job family. Users will be able to access job families both to filter market data sets and their own offers, as well as to review and assign mapped jobs.

It's important to note that although defined, not all job families may be available in Offers. In most cases, availability will be gated to ensure n-counts for reporting companies and/or offers meet required thresholds. In some cases, a job family may be unavailable because it's unrelated to a particular customer industry (i.e., Clinical job families won't be available to non-Pharma/Biotech-type organizations).

The following tables are organized alphabetically by function. Each function includes related job families and their definitions.

Job Function: Clinical

Job Family Job Family Description
Biostatistics Responsible for the statistical analysis of biological or medical data to determine the efficiency of clinical trials. Includes design of biological experiments, collection and analysis of data from experiments, and interpretation of results.
Clinical Data Responsible for the process of collecting and managing clinical research data in accordance with regulatory standards to obtain high-quality information that is complete, reliable, statistically sound, error-free and adheres to federal, state, and local regulations. Activities include database design, programming, data entry, validation and extraction, discrepancy management, and medical coding.
Clinical R&D Responsible for using knowledge gained in research to conduct tests, usually with humans, to determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use.
Medical Affairs Responsible for generating and communicating unbiased, evidence-based, expert scientific and medical data and information to help healthcare professionals, scientific leaders, patient advocacy groups, payors, and policy makers make informed decisions that ensure the best use of treatments to benefit patients. Bring insights from external sources to better inform decision making in areas such as education, research, development, publications, strategy, etc. Generate new data about marketed and emerging treatments to support product registration.
Pharmacovigilance  Responsible for increasing patient safety by conducting ongoing investigations, and identifying and monitoring previously unknown adverse effects to ensure effectiveness and reduce risk to consumers. Includes collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring and preventing adverse effects of pharmaceutical products.

Job Function: Communications

Job Family Job Family Description
Corporate Communications Responsible for the strategy, management and dissemination of communications aimed at creating a favorable point of view among stakeholders, customers / potential customers, key stakeholders, media and general public, and/or government agencies or other third-party regulators. Activities may include development of written/spoken word and/or non-spoken collateral in support of promoting the profile of the company, minimizing discrepancies between identity and brand, and transmitting coherence, credibility and ethics related to the organization's mission, vision and values.
Employee Communications Responsible for developing and delivering the organization’s internal communication strategy so that employees can rapidly identify, send, receive, and understand information that is clear, credible and relevant. Activities include developing, publishing and distributing a range of organization-wide and HR-related materials in traditional print form, electronically or through online technologies. Examples include newsletters, brochures, handbooks, conference and seminar materials, and benefit and compensation communications.
Public Relations Responsible for planning and conducting public relations and goodwill programs to improve the organization's relations with the public, industry, stock/shareholders, and employees. In some organizations, this group may be responsible for preparing speeches and scripts.

Job Function: Creative & Design

Job Family Job Family Description
Art Design Responsible for creating visual elements, effects, and layouts by using artistic skill and demonstrating appropriate use of color, lighting, composition, perspective, and mood through look, expression, and emotion. May include animation, conceptual, technical and/or user interface art.
Media / Communication Responsible for the design and creation of media and communications publications and materials. Activities include: producing computer-generated graphic-design for both internal and external communication materials; photography and digital editing, including stills, motion pictures and videotapes to support editorial content; non-photographer photo studio/photo shoot activities (directing, creative consulting, styling, art and prop creation/curation, etc.); creating, editing/proofreading text and layout for internal and external publications (product manuals, research findings, etc.); content curation for digital and printed publications; screenwriting and copywriting/editing for films, programs or shows; production activities for a news broadcast, including research, journalism/reporting, copywriting, etc.; and creation and design of interactive media, including animation, visual/sound effects, etc.
Web / UI Design Responsible for the design and creation of the user-facing components (interface) of interactive media, such as websites and games. Activities include: designing user-friendly, attractive and engaging webpage(s); constructing less-complex aspects of the website using authoring/layout tools and partnering with a development team to construct more complex aspects; ongoing website content and functionality administration; design and development of new media interactive tools and graphics which enhance and ease the user experience; assessment and enhancement of user experience and user interaction with new media products, such as video games, websites, etc.

Job Function: Customer Service / Support

Job Family Job Family Description
Account Services Responsible for directing the delivery of enterprise-level support and service activities for the organization's products and services. Activities include: developing support delivery strategy and related processes, escalation procedures and customer training; and identifying opportunities for support delivery improvements, cost reduction and value-add to the customer.
Call Center Operations Responsible for planning, staffing and training of the workforce (call or service) center. Activities include: analyzing, monitoring, and evaluating the function of the center; monitoring activities on a real-time basis; updating and maintaining scheduling database; creating schedules; providing regular reports to assess workforce needs; creating, developing and implementing training curriculum; ensuring new hires are able to utilize appropriate systems to assist customers with placing orders, checking stock availability, checking order status, and various other routine queries.
Customer Management Responsible for maintaining sound relations with the organization's customers by providing services before, during and after a transaction. Activities include managing and maintaining customer information databases; providing product and service information; processing customer transactions; and resolving customer inquiries by working with other organizational units.
Customer Service Responsible for responding, resolving and supporting external or internal, technical and/or non-technical customer issues. Activities include: customer service via phone, email, online chat or text; technical or specialized virtual support involving investigation, analysis, and resolution of customer issues, post-sales product support, billing, and/or contract issues. May include providing pre- and post-sales support, including quotations and/or sales order processing, and requires knowledge of organization's products and services.
Customer Training Responsible for administration of training programs to train customers and/or employees in the installation, operation, safety, and/or maintenance and repair of company products, machinery and/or equipment. Activities include: understanding current product use and application; designing and developing training curriculum and content; planning and implementing training programs; coordinating staff and scheduling; and using a variety of methods to delivery training (instructor-led, virtual, web-based).
Implementation Support Responsible for delivery of new or upgraded products / software / systems into the existing workflow of an organization. Activities include information/data collection on project specifications; estimation of resources, and/or vendor capabilities; preparation and deployment of knowledge transfer; coordinating with clients / subcontractors / vendors; monitoring implementation to ensure project/program compliance to budget, quality standards, and stakeholder requirements.
Technical Services Responsible for providing post-sales technical support to customers who have purchased the organization’s products or services. Activities include commissioning, installing, testing, modifying, maintaining, upgrading and repairing the organization’s products; ensuring the requirements of product maintenance agreements are met; recommending new products to or upgrades; and training customers to use and maintain products.

Job Function: Data

Job Family Job Family Description
Business Intelligence Responsible for performing complex data research and analysis to support business operations including: creating data mining architectures/models/protocols, statistical reporting, and data analysis methodologies to identify trends in large data sets; analysis may be applied to various areas of the business (e.g., Market Economics, Supply Chain, Marketing/Advertising, Scientific Research, etc.); and researching and applying knowledge of existing and emerging data science principles, theories, and techniques to inform business decisions.
Data Analysis Responsible for analyzing, exploring and providing meaningful data driven insights to improve decision making and shape business processes. Activities include: collection, organization and storage of data; examining data sets and applying statistical analysis to find trends and draw conclusions; use of data management techniques (mining, cleansing, transformation, modeling) and specialized systems/software to describe, predict and improve performance.
Data Science Responsible for development and implementation of techniques or analytics applications to transform raw data into meaningful information using data-oriented programming languages and visualization software. Apply data mining, data modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract and analyze information from large structured and unstructured datasets.

Job Function: Engineering

Job Family Job Family Description
Aerospace Responsible for designing, developing, testing and production of aircraft, spacecraft, and related systems and equipment. Activities include: developing technologies which are integrated into aerospace vehicle systems used for transportation, communications, exploration, and defense applications; design, configuration and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion systems, satellites, and missiles; design, analysis, construction and testing of aircraft and aerospace products, components, and subassemblies.
AI / ML Responsible for researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate predictive models. Activities include: implementing machine learning algorithms; running AI systems experiments and tests; designing and developing machine learning systems; building effective data pipelines; performing statistical analyses; and maintaining, scaling and improving existing artificial intelligence systems.
Autonomous Responsible for the design, development, analysis, verification and testing of software to support integration of autonomy algorithms into complex robotics systems and autonomous applications, architecture subsystems or components. Activities include: concept initiation and requirements definition; prototyping autonomous systems and algorithms; implementation and evaluation of algorithms; building models, simulations and purpose-designed experiments; validating and refining performance requirements; conducting design reviews and root-cause analyses; and transitioning new capabilities, technologies and prototypes into a production development environment.
Civil Responsible for designing, building, maintaining, and supervising infrastructure projects and systems. Activities include: performing research, technical feasibility studies and site investigations; determining costs; creating plans and blueprints; understanding and accounting for health and safety, building and other engineering regulations; assessing environmental impacts; determining risk factors that impact project delivery; operating, controlling and maintaining infrastructure.
Data Responsible for extracting, processing, cleaning, transforming and pipelining data from a variety of heterogeneous sources into one or more consolidated channels to enable data products. Activities include building data pipelines, performing data validation, and managing data security and policies.
Development Responsible for designing new products and/or technologies, or improving existing products, to increase revenue for the organization. Activities include: conducting research; creating and developing design specifications and processes, generating prototypes, and establishing manufacturing processes.
DevOps Responsible for introducing processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment, to maintenance and updates. Manage the operations of software development, including coding, infrastructure management, system administration, and toolchains to streamline software updates and creation.
Electrical Responsible for activities related to the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Activities may include: developing, modifying and evaluating electronic parts, components or integrated circuitry; applying electrical and electronic theory to designs; ASIC / layout, developing and maintaining specifications; repairing, adjusting and/or modifying controls; and providing planning resources and tool requirements.
Engineering Research Responsible for evaluating, selecting and applying scientific/engineering procedures and techniques that require investigation of multiple variables and systematic, conceptual structuring of knowledge, which are specifically related to engineering innovation, introduction of new products, processes, services or technologies (or improvement of current products). Activities include: writing research proposals; gathering relevant information / data / samples; conducting and analyzing research using statistical processes to assess data and develop concepts; designing products / equipment / technology based on findings; building product and system prototypes; performing tests to create optimal solutions; and preparing reports to summarize tests and findings.
Engineering Services Responsible for a variety of engineering functions that could include CAD, drafting, layout / design support, and/or document control. Activities include: planning and implementing technical projects; preparation of new or modified designs; defining and selecting new approaches for applications, specifications or parameters; installing, maintaining and/or upgrading systems; coordinating interaction between functional teams; ensuring timely, thorough, and accurate completion of engineering services projects; documenting rules, schematics, configurations and standards.
Hardware Responsible for researching, designing, developing, or testing computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. May supervise the manufacturing and installation of computer or computer-related equipment and components.
Manufacturing Responsible for designing, developing, operating and managing manufacturing systems for a product. Activities include: determining optimal manufacturing technologies, processes and steps; planning and designing production line; developing operational plans for production; managing and monitoring production to improve process and increase productivity; maintaining safety and product quality; and cost analyses.
Mechanical Responsible for the design, development, manufacture, installation, testing, and operation of engines, machines and manufacturing processes. Activities include: use of computer-aided tools (CAD/CAM, 3D printing, CNC machines, etc.) and product lifecycle management to design and analyze systems (plants, equipment and machinery, heating and cooling, transport, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices, weapons, etc.); developing and testing prototypes; analyzing test results; overseeing manufacturing; and ensuring designs function safely, efficiently, reliably, and at a competitive cost.
Mobile Responsible for the creation of software programs for use on mobile devices. Activities include: use of data-driven insights to design, develop and implement mobile applications and web products for iOS and Android platforms; working with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features; maintaining code quality, organization, and automatization; discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximize development efficiency; designing user interfaces and user experience flows; performing unit testing; integrating mobile applications with back-end services; and publishing mobile applications.
Product Responsible for supporting a specific product or group of products after transfer from design to in-house or outsourced production. Activities include interfacing with design, process, test, reliability and manufacturing engineering to solve product issues and production problems.
Reliability Responsible for studying equipment life cycles and performing analyses to inform how a business invests in and maintains assets. Provide expertise in identifying and preventing issues, and guidance in how to handle breakdowns.
Security Responsible for testing and screening security software, and for monitoring networks and systems for security breaches or intrusions.
Software Responsible for researching, designing, and developing computer and network software or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs and develop software solutions, applying principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis.
Systems Responsible for designing and developing solutions to complex applications problems, system administration issues, or network concerns. Perform systems management and integration functions.
Test Responsible for developing and executing software tests to identify problems and their causes. Activities include testing system modifications, documenting software and application defects, reporting defects, and creating/maintaining databases of known defects.

Job Function: Finance

Job Family Job Family Description
Accounting Responsible for the general financial accounting activities of the organization. Activities include producing timely, accurate and reliable financial information; preparing profit and loss, balance sheet accounts, group consolidations, general ledger journals, accruals, and prepayments; reconciling accounts; managing and controlling fixed asset register; and capital expenditure controls.
Accounts Payable / Receivable Responsible for the organization’s creditor and debtor accounts. Activities include processing invoices, checks, payment advice and other documentation; preparing bank, petty cash and invoice reconciliations; making timely payments to creditors; maintaining records; and preparing reports on the status of credit and debit accounts.
Audit Responsible for examining, verifying, evaluating and reporting on financial, operational and managerial processes, systems and outcomes to ensure financial and operational integrity and compliance. Activities include evaluating and reporting on the cost effectiveness of internal control systems; preparing financial statements and reports; and recommending performance or control improvements.
Cost Accounting Responsible for analyzing and monitoring the organization’s operating costs. Activities include preparing and analyzing cost records; conducting cost audits; developing, installing and monitoring cost control systems. Costs analyzed include labor, materials, overhead, sales, project, and research and development.
Credit & Collections Responsible for providing analysis and interpretation of customer and/or merchant’ financial status for proper evaluation of risk. Activities include: establishing credit limits, analyzing credit memo and write-off activity, and preparing recommendations; making credit approval decisions.
Finance Operations Responsible for all aspects of accounting, budgeting, and financial activities related to maintaining and managing the organization's fiscal resources to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
Financial Planning & Analysis Responsible for financial and economic analysis and forecasting and for evaluating alternate financial plans. Data collected and analyzed include revenues, expenses, costs, prices, investments, cash flow, profits, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates.
Fraud & Investigation Responsible for identifying and investigating suspicious activities that may cause financial loss to the company. Activities include: evaluating financial transactions; conducting due diligence to achieve compliance with necessary legal requirements; developing policies and procedures to ensure prevention of money laundering and financial crimes; and implementation of technologies to support these activities.
Payroll Responsible for the accurate and timely preparation of the organization’s payroll. Activities include accounting, distributing and preparing taxes and deductions; calculating overtime, shift payments; maintaining payroll records; preparing reports for management, or to meet legislative obligations; ensuring payments comply with collective bargaining agreements, legislation or other regulatory instruments; and preparing and distributing pay information to employees.
Risk Management Responsible for identifying, managing and reporting on the organization’s financial risk in order to maximize profits and asset growth, and minimize credit and operating losses. Activities include financial analysis and modelling, and assessing interest rates and liquidity risks.
Tax Responsible for the organization's taxation affairs and for optimizing the organization's taxation situation. Activities include preparing taxation declarations; maintaining contacts with relevant taxation authorities and external consultants; and reviewing and advising senior management of the implications of taxation legislation.
Treasury Responsible for cash administration activities to minimize the organization’s exposure to credit, interest and foreign exchange risk. Activities include analyzing and projecting cash flow; determining the best investment options, funding sources and instruments; and maintaining relationships with financial institutions.

Job Function: G&A

Job Family Job Family Description
Administration Responsible for helping the organization manage resources and people in an efficient manner through planning, budgeting and collaboration. Activities are accomplished via a range of diverse administrative or staff functions, which could include office services, administrative support, records and information management, vendor management and purchasing, finance and accounting, staffing, and/or marketing and promotion.

Job Function: Hospitality

Job Family Job Family Description
Food Service (Non-Restaurant) Responsible for the delivery of food service in a non-restaurant environment such as a corporate cafeteria/commissary, hospital, or entertainment venue. Activities include managing food inventories, vendor deliveries, food preparation, and menu planning. Kitchen management, cooking, and varied tasks on serving lines and/or sanitation duties are included.

Job Function: Information Technology

Job Family Job Family Description
Data Management Responsible for collecting, storing, and ensuring the secure, efficient, and cost-effective use of data. Activities may include: developing data architecture for managing and deploying databases and other data platforms; governance of how data is formatted and used in operational and analytical systems; data processing and storage; database administration (performance monitoring and tuning); database design, configuration, installation and updates; data privacy and security; database backup and recovery; application of software upgrades and security patches; and archiving and destroying data in accordance with retention schedules and compliance requirements.
Information Systems Responsible for providing support to ensure smooth and continuous running of corporate systems, including regular and preventative maintenance, systems helpdesk, deployment of patches and other fixes. Responsible for the analysis and design of the organization's information technology. Responsible for infrastructure performance as well as new technology implementation or roll-outs.
Internet / Network Operations Responsible for monitoring, performance troubleshooting and optimization of hybrid, private and SD WAN network operation, VPN and internet performance. Activities include: manage performance of complex hybrid networks (cloud, SD WAN, VPS, web, SaaS applications, private connectivity, etc.); network monitoring (device, interface and application); manage and resolve any alerts or issues; perform ongoing evaluation of present and expected future load; network infrastructure configuration maintenance and software versioning; review and stage system upgrades or patches as necessary; analyze network capacity metrics; and operations reporting and analytics (performance, net flow traffic analysis, firewall usage and audit reporting).
IT Architecture Responsible for the overall direction of the organization's technical infrastructure. Work with technical staff to integrate hardware, software and network interfaces to form a system. Address problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms.
IT Business Systems Analysis Responsible for managing or performing work associated with IT business analysis including: identifying and analyzing business needs, conducting requirements gathering, and defining scope and objectives; making recommendations for solutions or improvements to business processes that can be accomplished through new technology or alternative uses of existing technology; and translating business requirements into application requirements.
IT Security Responsible for developing, communicating, implementing, enforcing and monitoring security controls to protect the organization’s technology assets from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure or destruction. Activities include assessing risks; investigating security breaches; and preparing and implementing contingency plans to ensure the organization’s systems and applications continue to function through disruptive incidents.
IT Support Responsible for providing support to users of personal computers, servers or mainframe applications. Activities include identifying, prioritizing, researching and resolving reported problems; using a help desk system and/or problem management software; and recommending systems modifications to reduce user problems.
Project Management (Technical) Responsible for technology-driven projects, such as engineering and information technology, which require a deep understanding of the technical domain, and may necessitate use of specialized tools and methodologies. Activities include: managing technical teams; ensuring accurate execution of technical deliverables; navigating complex technical requirements to support group progress; and other typical project management duties (scheduling, prioritizing, expectation setting, and cost management).

Job Function: Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

Job Family Job Family Description
Corporate Affairs Responsible for ensuring the organization complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of the country(ies) in which it operates, as well as maintains positive relations with the public, shareholders, investors, government and other regulatory bodies.
Governance Responsible for ensuring the organization is managed in the best interests of the shareholders and according to legislated standards. Responsible for monitoring and developing procedures that may include any of the following: accounting oversight, internal audit process, documentation, reporting, and certification of financial statements.
Government Relations Represent the organization's position on legislation and regulatory affairs to all levels of government as well as to officials of regulatory and other agencies. Activities include monitoring current political trends and developing relationships with government representatives. In some organizations this group may also represent the organization's interests in dealings with trade, industry, or professional organizations.
Intellectual Property Responsible for monitoring intellectual property infringement activities. Activities include analyzing intelligence information, developing reports and leading the legal action together with central brand protection team. May work closely with authorities and provide full support to in-house or outsourcing investigations and legal actions.
Investor Relations Responsible for maintaining, developing, and improving relations and communications between the organization and its shareholders, the investing public, and other members of the financial community. Activities include monitoring trends in stock/share ownership and preparing external investor communications.
Legal Responsible for ensuring the organization's operations comply with laws and other regulatory provisions. Activities include evaluating proposals, action plans and other situations that may have legal impact; providing legal advice; representing the organization in legal matters; and preparing and reviewing contracts, letters of agreement and other documents to ensure legal compliance.
Legal Operations & Support Responsible for activities within the Legal function that do not require a law degree. Activities may include: assisting lawyers and attorneys in executing legal transactions, and securing, preparing, drafting, and processing legal documents; and providing due diligence support for legal claims, contracts, disputes, litigation and/or complex transactions.
Policy Responsible for developing, publishing and implementing clear statements of how an organization operates its business in order to manage risks and be in compliance with local, state, and/or federal laws and regulations. Activities include understanding and interpreting existing laws and regulations; and recommending guidance, programs and/or actions that must be followed within the organization.
Regulatory Responsible for ensuring that the organization gains regulatory approval for new products and product amendments; and for maintaining the currency of product licenses; and manufacturing, import and export permits.

Job Function: Manufacturing

Job Family Job Family Description
Failure Engineering Responsible for evaluating electrical and mechanical characteristics of systems and integrated circuits, components, sub-components and systems to determine the cause of failure. Analyzes failure reports and recommends corrective action that will improve the failure.
Machine Operations, Repair & Maintenance Responsible for managing or performing skilled trades and lower level apprentice craft work for set-up, calibration, operation and repair of machines and equipment used in production processes. Activities include: precision tool and part making (within or outside a machine shop environment); machine tool programming (CNC/CMM); installation, repair and maintenance in a manufacturing or field site environment, which may include dismantling and movement of large and/or complex industrial equipment; and service and repair of automobiles and their parts.
Manufacturing Operations Responsible for production activities to optimize resource use, minimize costs and maintain quality standards. Activities include planning, managing and reviewing production operations to achieve output and quality objectives; monitoring expenditures and forecasting resource inputs; and operating, monitoring and maintaining machines and production equipment.
Process Development Responsible for developing methods for the production, and testing of new processes, technologies and products. Activities include: developing production procedures and product specifications; new product scale-up; process optimization; technology transfer; and process validation activities.
Production Planning & Control Responsible for managing production to optimize the use of resources and meet production schedules and standards. Activities include: developing and implementing production schedules to ensure the effective use of labor, tools, plant and equipment; coordinating production output with inventory requirements; estimating resource requirements; analyzing production and operational data; and matching the organization's resources with demand to maximize output and minimize production costs.
Production Testing Responsible for ensuring components and assembled products meet standards and objectives. Activities include: reviewing and approving testing and evaluation methods; specifying tests to be performed; and compiling data and making recommendations for changes required in testing equipment, procedures, manufacturing processes and/or new testing requirements.

Job Function: Marketing

Job Family Job Family Description
Advertising & Marketing Communications Responsible for developing and implementing campaigns to inform the organization's target market of the merits of purchasing its products and services. Activities include: creating and/or coordinating the production of advertising and promotional materials; identifying the optimal mix of advertising and promotional media channels that align with defined customer market segmentation and buyer personas (e.g., social media, website, radio/television, publications, billboards, etc.); coordinating the activities of the company's trade shows, congresses, promotions and events; planning advertising campaigns (e.g., budget estimates, preparing and negotiating advertising contracts, etc.); creating and/or coordinating brand promotional merchandise; and measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness for return-on-investment.
Brand Management Responsible for marketing activities that maximize the growth and revenue of one or more of the organization’s products. Activities include developing sales and promotion campaigns; analyzing quantitative and qualitative data regarding competitors, market trends, consumer behavior and product performance; developing pricing and distribution strategies; identifying new product opportunities; and planning product direction and evolution.
Channel Marketing Responsible for monitoring, directing and distributing goods and services from the point of production to consumption. Activities include: planning, developing, and implementing programs for distributors, reseller, international promotions, and marketing.
Creative Services Responsible for the design and production of printed marketing materials, such as graphics (e.g., brochures, account applications, newspaper or magazine advertisements) and/or digital materials for interactive media (e.g., websites, blogs). Activities include: copywriting; desktop publishing; graphic design; marketing publication content; and writing.
Digital Marketing Responsible for promoting products, services, and brands utilizing various digital channels, such as social media, search engines, email, and other online advertising platforms to reach target audiences and drive engagement, leads, and sales. Activities include: developing digital marketing strategies and concepts; creating and curating visual, web-based marketing content; analyzing campaign performance; managing and optimizing campaigns to promote solutions to customer needs; and coordinating across functions to ensure consistent messaging.
Market Research & Analysis Responsible for designing, conducting and analyzing the results of market research studies regarding the organization's existing and proposed products and services. Activities include: monitoring market conditions, trends, competitors, etc. to project business sector/consumer demand and inform product launch timing; researching competitor behavior including marketing strategies, pricing, sales and methods of operation; monitoring media coverage and polling/interviewing customers and/or retailers to determine perceptions of brands/products; identifying purchasing behaviors, price/discount sensitivity, brand loyalty, etc. across customer segments and sales channels; and simulating the impact of proposed marketing campaigns and measuring results against targets.
Marketing Operations Responsible for supporting business growth by disseminating information that promotes a favorable view of the organization and its products and services. Activities include developing and implementing advertising and publicity campaigns; conducting market research; and identifying and predicting current and future consumer trends.
Product Marketing Responsible for activities associated with a product or product line at all stages of its lifecycle. Activities include gathering user requirements and designing product or developing enhancements; development of product packaging, samples and prototypes; researching and developing strategies to maximize product/brand appeal to target customers; monitoring product performance and directing product and/or marketing adjustments; channel marketing (trade, channel and category management); digital/internet marketing (e-commerce, search engine optimization [SEO], social media marketing, web content curation/marketing); and direct marketing (telephone, email, digital and/or mobile communications).

Job Function: Media

Job Family Job Family Description
Content Delivery Responsible for the firm, distribution, transmission, playback, and moderation of media content. Activities include: review of 3rd party or user-generated content to ensure compliance with terms of service, policies, laws and community guidelines; planning and controlling the distribution schedule for media programming; and engineering related to the capture, manipulation, transmission, and playback of streaming media (design, development, build, and testing of systems and products).
Content Production Responsible for the production of audio, visual, and written media content and features. Activities include content acquisition and coordination, production design, writing (content / creative), copy editing, and technical direction.
Post-Production Responsible for the review, editing, and synchronization of all aspects of media content generated to create finished products for media and gaming. Activities include: editing and modifying film, digital photographs, video recordings and/or special effects.

Job Function: Operations

Job Family Job Family Description
Facilities / Building Services Responsible for designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining equipment, machinery, and buildings to meet operating requirements, building codes and safety regulations. Activities include: reviewing and estimating design costs for equipment, installation, labor, materials, and preparation; planning, monitoring and scheduling facility modifications; designing and coordinating building space allocation / layout; and facilities expansion.
Operations Management Responsible for the administration of business practices to maximize efficiency within the organization. Activities include planning, organizing, and overseeing organizational processes to balance revenues and costs, and achieve highest possible net operating profit. May manage inventory levels, work-in-process, acquisition of raw materials, quality control, materials handling, maintenance policies, and conversion of materials and labor into goods and services.
Operations Support Responsible for operating activities that assist and support the organization's business areas in achieving strategic objectives. Activities include participating in and coordinating business-driven projects and change initiatives; compilation and reconciliation of data into management reports; helping to address process, data and automation issues; and supporting and improving key business systems, infrastructure, data flows and efficiencies.
Project Management (Non-technical) Responsible for achieving project goals and requirements through the development of project plans, management of cross-functional teams, communication, and identification and mitigation of risks. Activities include: working with teams and stakeholders to plan, execute, monitor and control project(s); ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to scope; and managing resources, cost, quality, and other constraints.
Real Estate Responsible for researching, negotiating, acquiring real estate and leasing space for the unit. Consults with stakeholders to determine unit’s need for additional real estate. Conducts inspections of potential properties.
Security Responsible for the security of the organizations’ employees, clients, visitors and property. Activities include: conducting loss prevention assessments, including identifying and characterizing potential risks; developing processes and procedures to report on, manage and mitigate loss and security risks to acceptable levels; overseeing and conducting security activities, including controlling entry and exit to the organization's premises and safeguarding facilities, equipment, materials and employee property.
Vehicle Operations Responsible for managing the organization's vehicle fleet to optimize costs, improve efficiency and maximize productivity. Activities include acquiring assets; organizing, coordinating and tracking resources and operations; managing logistics, maintenance and storage; conducting analyses; and ensuring compliance with government regulations.
Workplace & Safety Responsible for the working environment within an organization including any factors that impact the safety, health, and well-being of employees. Activities include developing workplace safety programs and initiatives; establishing accident/safety reporting system; documentation and record keeping; implementing safety training; providing and installing safety equipment; and enforcing workplace and safety policies. Additional responsibilities may extend to planning the most efficient layout of plant, office and production equipment to meet operating requirements, building codes and safety regulations; and/or reviewing and estimating design costs including equipment, installation, labor, materials, and preparation.

Job Function: People

Job Family Job Family Description
HR Systems Administration Responsible for ensuring that organization and employee-related records are accurate, accessible and appropriately secure. Data managed may include job history, retirement and insurance documentation, leave accrual records, and details of illness, absences, transfers and salary progression. Activities include maintaining employee records manually or in a human resources information system (HRIS); and preparing reports from that data for management, tribunals or to meet legislative obligations.
Human Resources Responsible for all aspects of human resources-related activities, including fostering a healthy, productive, and inclusive workforce through the development and implementation of integrated and effective human resources programs, services, and policies. Activities include advising and administering programs in benefits, compensation, employee relations, records, training, learning and development, and other related human resources services.
Organization Development Responsible for developing and implementing programs to better use the organization’s human resources. Activities include reviewing the organization’s structures and processes; planning for leadership and management succession; implementing training and career development programs; managing the organization’s performance measurement system; and conducting employee research.
Talent Acquisition Responsible for implementing the organization's human resources hiring strategy by planning, coordinating, and implementing recruitment and selection strategies. Activities include recruiting, testing, interviewing, selecting and placing internal and external applicants; and managing the new employee onboarding process.
Total Rewards Responsible for designing, implementing, and administering the organization’s compensation and benefit programs. For compensation, these programs may include base salary administration, short and long-term incentives, sales commissions, executive compensation programs, stock plans, perquisites and other supplemental pay programs. Other activities include assessing the organization’s competitive pay position; maintaining the integrity of the organization’s salary structure; recommending compensation budgets and salary increases; and managing a job evaluation system. For benefits, programs may include life, health and disability insurance; income continuance; perquisites such as vehicles; and pension, superannuation and other retirement programs. Other activities include selecting benefits consultants, administrators and providers; and ensuring that the organization’s benefits offering remains competitive in the marketplace.
Training & Development Responsible for employee career development and for planning, designing and delivering training programs that make the best use of employee's current and future abilities. Additional activities may include analyzing training needs and developing programs to address them; evaluating third party training providers; developing training materials; and managing delivery of internal and externally-provided training.

Job Function: Product

Job Family Job Family Description
Creative Design Responsible for developing and implementing product designs, including product components and product packaging designs, in line with the organization's business and marketing objectives. Generates "new ideas" and provides creative direction. Activities include: undertaking research and development to determine product requirements; preparing design and manufacturing specifications; and creating product sketches and models.
Product Design Responsible for blending user needs with business goals to help the organization develop successful products. Activities include optimizing user experience, defining product goals, creating product roadmaps and monitoring product position in the market over time.
Technical / Product Communication Responsible for taking complex, specialized technical and product-related information and adapting it into a format that is easy to understand using illustrations and tables to organize relevant information. Activities include: creating content (technical documentation, user manuals, training materials, marketing collateral) that help intended audiences understand and use products and/or services; collaborating with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to gather and validate information; ensuring accuracy, clarity, and consistency of information across all communication channels; managing documentation and content libraries to ensure timely and accurate updates; conducting research and analysis to identify user needs and preferences; monitoring and analyzing user feedback to improve product communication and user experience.
Product Management Responsible for setting product vision and strategy, and leading diverse teams to deliver products to the market. Activities include defining product features, requirements, business rationale, and analyzing user needs.
Program Management Responsible for developing a program's objectives and strategy, and assessing how it will impact a department, business, or the organization. May include coordinating activities between multiple projects via development of program strategy, project delegation and execution, and program implementation; ensuring program delivers optimal ROI; cross-project resource management; managing interdependencies, risks, and problems; stakeholder communications, negotiations and problem-solving; and aligning/realigning deliverables with program outcomes.
Technical Program Management Responsible for the management of projects and programs related to specialized / technical areas. Activities include planning, organizing, and controlling resources / processes to achieve objectives within scope, time, quality and budget constraints.

Job Function: Quality

Job Family Job Family Description
Quality Assurance Responsible for designing and maintaining programs for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met.
Quality Management Responsible for ensuring an environment of continuous improvement exists in the organization's systems, processes, operating procedures and work flows in order to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction. Activities include developing quality objectives; documenting procedures; implementing and monitoring quality measurement methodologies; delivering training; and leading the organization through national or industry quality certification processes.

Job Function: R&D

Job Family Job Family Description
Research (non-clinical) Responsible for the systematic collection, interpretation and evaluation of data through basic or applied research. Research may advance knowledge, inform understanding of learning systems and/or contribute to the development of new technologies, products or processes. Activities include: identifying new research problems; developing plans and collecting data via experiments, computer modeling, data analysis, or other types of scientific investigation; conducting data analysis using statistical methods to assess outcomes, draw conclusions and make recommendations; translating research and design findings into ideas that can be applied within technology / product requirements; and synthesizing / presenting research findings.

Job Function: R&D (Clinical / Pharma)

Job Family Job Family Description
Bioinformatics Responsible for using computer technology to collect, store, analyze and disseminate biological data and information. Develop databases to organize and index biological information to increase understanding of health, disease and medical care.
Product Development (Clinical) Responsible for conducting research and development activities to develop new products. May include data acquisition; identification and analysis; design and monitoring of trials and experiments; interpretation of collected data; development of research proposals and innovative solutions; directing external research programs; and setup and maintenance of lab equipment.
QA / QC (Clinical) Responsible for establishing processes, tests and analytics to ensure highest quality standards and adherence to regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical and/or biological products. Develops and deploys resources, processes, tools, systems and internal controls to ensure end-to-end quality in tasks that span from design to delivery.
Scientific Research Responsible for the systematic collection, interpretation and evaluation of scientific data through basic or applied research. Research activities may inform: understanding of biological systems, cellular life and/or genetic material; development of new drugs, products, processes, medical treatments or preventative measures; causes of health problems and diseases; design and creation of new molecules or materials with useful properties.

Job Function: Sales

Job Family Job Family Description
Account Management Responsible for managing the organization’s relationship with clients/customers of strategic importance. Activities include protecting existing revenue streams by ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction; identifying new revenue opportunities; cross-selling existing products and introducing new products; and monitoring market and economic conditions that may affect the client’s/customers operations and purchasing decisions.
Channel Sales Responsible for selling the organization’s products or services through a network of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors or retailers. Activities include developing and maintaining effective relationships with channel partners; preparing sales and marketing plans for channel partners; and monitoring their sales performance.
Field Sales Responsible for sales activities directly to the customer. Activities include: face-to-face and remote sales to new customers and cross/up/repeat sales to existing customers; assessing customer needs and suggesting appropriate products, services, and/or solutions; developing and delivering sales bids/proposals/presentations and conducting product demonstrations; and developing medium to long-term sales plans and preparing strategies to protect, grow and diversify the relationship with targeted customers.
Inside Sales Responsible for converting pre-qualified leads and generating new business with existing customers by using upselling tactics that build lasting connections and relationships. Activities may include: customer research; developing customized sales pitches; demonstrating product / services benefits; maintaining ongoing customer relationships; selling additional products; answering customer questions related to products / services; managing sales order processing; and contract renewals and upgrades.
Sales Engineering Responsible for providing technical support to the organization’s sales force where the sales process requires a high level of technical proficiency and specialist knowledge. Activities include undertaking customer needs analysis; designing solutions and recommending products to meet those needs; and conducting customer product demonstrations and presentations.
Sales Management Responsible for developing and implementing sales strategy, plans and budgets to maximize the growth and revenue of a product(s), brand or category. Activities include researching and analyzing sales trends, history, revenues, and inventory to forecast sales trends and to develop sales budgets.
Sales Operations Responsible for developing, managing and delivering support services to the organization’s sales force. Activities include lead management, sales automation, training, data analytics and reporting, contracts, territory structuring and alignment to sales process optimization, and compensation plans.
Sales Training Responsible for planning, developing and delivering training programs that enable the organization's sales force to maximize its sales potential. Activities include: identification and tracking of training needs of staff members; development and delivery of a variety of courses, including new hire orientation, product training, sales effectiveness, etc.; development and/or selection of training materials; and monitoring/tracking sales performance as it relates to training program effectiveness.

Job Function: Strategy & Planning

Job Family Job Family Description
Business Development Responsible for identifying, evaluating, and managing new business opportunities and marketing initiatives. Activities include conducting marketing and feasibility studies; producing reports and recommendations; establishing relationships with potential clients; and connecting new clients with appropriate sales staff.
Business Operations Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization's business units, functional areas, and/or geographic units. Activities include process development and optimization, resource coordination and management, capacity planning, and forecasting.
Business Strategy Responsible for development of the organization's long-range and strategic plans, and the identification of organization strengths and weaknesses, and business opportunities.
Corporate Planning Responsible for planning, developing, administering and reviewing the organization's long-range and strategic plans. Activities include overseeing the implementation of organizational directives and policies; analyzing the organization's economic, political, regulatory, market and competitive environment; and conducting internal technical and financial analyses.

Job Function: Supply Chain

Job Family Job Family Description
Fulfillment Responsible for ensuring orders are processed accurately and efficiently. Activities include: receiving, keying, and processing of orders; determining departmental budgets and costs; and initiating policies and programs affecting processes and the flow of information.
Import / Export Responsible for import/export activities and issues worldwide. Activities include: development of policies to ensure on-schedule delivery of merchandise; implementation of export licensing procedures; interpretation of contract terms/conditions; ensure compliance with relevant regulations; monitor license use; provide advice, direction, and support for customs, import/export logistics interactions, and negotiations.
Materials Management Responsible for the storage and movement of materials and finished goods which may include: shipping & receiving, storing & warehousing, order filling, picking and packing, inventory control & records management, and dispatch. Activities include: ensuring materials are received from proper vendors, delivered to inventory, and finished goods are packaged according to specification and shipped in a timely manner.
Procurement Responsible for work associated with obtaining goods and services for all types of business processes applicable to the organization including: indirect Operations (e.g., Office Supplies, Computers, Travel, Maintenance, Machine Parts, etc.) and/or direct Operations (e.g., raw materials and services for manufacturing, production or construction; finished goods for retail, etc.). Activities include: product/service sourcing; supplier selection; pricing/terms negotiation; order processing; contract administration; and supplier performance management.
Purchasing Responsible for purchasing the services and supplies necessary for the organization’s operations. Examples of supplies purchased include capital equipment, machinery, technical equipment, computers, tools, and raw materials. Activities include sourcing, evaluating and selecting suppliers and vendors; negotiating supply contracts; and monitoring the quality and timeliness of materials and services supplied.
Strategic Sourcing Responsible for developing, monitoring, and pursuing tactical and strategic initiatives/projects in a specialized purchasing area (e.g., commodities, vendor/contract relationships, or supplier management). Works with technical buyers and engineers to identify new product needs, and identifies new sources in order to meet business requirements.
Supply Chain Operations Responsible for managing the supply, storage, transport and distribution of equipment, materials and goods used and produced by the organization. Activities include materials control and planning; managing supplier relationships; logistics and supply chain management; purchasing; and inventory control.
Transportation Responsible for the implementation of cost-effective transportation systems. Activities include: developing and ensuring implementation of transportation policies and procedures; maintenance of transportation activities databases; developing transport schedules, methods and routes; analyzing and projecting transportation costs; coordinating customs clearances and permits; loading, packing, and delivering goods or equipment; driving vehicles; evaluating, selecting and managing ongoing relationships with external transport providers; rate negotiation; and freight bill auditing.

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