Internal Pay Parity

Recruiters have a lot to think about when managing candidates and developing offers. There's understanding the position and hiring manager needs, your company's pay philosophy and programs, legislation about what you can (and can't) ask in different states, not to mention what's happening in the market. We bet keeping an eye on internal pay compression as you make offers has probably started making an appearance in your ever-growing list of things to think about too.

With the world moving towards more and better pay transparency, having current employee pay available as an input to decision making and/or as an insight when reviewing comparisons is really important. We know getting to that data can be a challenge - especially if you don't have access to the HRIS/HCM.

Thankfully, Compa can work with your HRIS/HCM team to get aggregate current employee pay by job so you have a reference point to help mitigate compression and pay inequity issues.

To get started, navigate to a candidate's profile page. Swimlanes will have an additional row called "Current Employees".

When you’re in Base Salary view and Compa is able to find a peer group of at least 5 current employees in the same job family, job level, and location as the candidate, the Current Employees swim lane will be displayed. Note that changing job family, job level and/or prediction location will affect whether or not current employees are available.

Like other rows in Swimlanes, Current Employees can be hidden from the view and the hover tooltip provides additional details, including the median value and the number of current employees included in the range.

Currently, the only pay element available for Current Employees is base salary. Consequently, Base Salary + a time period must be selected in settings to see results. You can change the setting from the top right of the screen, or by clicking "Base Salary" within the Current Employees row.

A Pay Parity Traffic Light is also available on the Offer Builder. As with other traffic lights, red indicates the value is outside the Current Employee range and green indicates the value is within the range.

Note: The Current Employees row on Swimlanes and the Pay Parity traffic light are only available for those customers who have worked with Compa to configure the appropriate reporting requirements from their HRIS / HCM.

You can get more information about data requirements, n-counts and answers to other important questions in the FAQs. You're also always welcome to reach out via Support or chat.