Integration Overview: iCIMS

Completing your integration

Compa Offers connects with iCIMS seamlessly via an API integration. Our data science engine structures offer data to provide powerful internal reporting and to connect you to real-time, offers-based market data.

This document contains details on resources required to complete the iCIMS integration and the scope of data shared.

Connecting Compa to iCIMS requires almost no effort from your team. Compa will work with your iCIMS Integration Specialist to authorize the API connection.


Once iCIMS is connected, your compensation team will receive a questionnaire regarding your company info, compensation programs, and career architecture. We recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.


Compa’s integrations team will integrate your offer data from iCIMS, in combination with your questionnaire responses, and schedule time with you to review for accuracy.

Integration type & category

Compa’s integration type is a Standard Integration in the Data Analytics and Reporting or External Reporting category.

Integration scope of data

The following table summarizes the data models required by Compa.

Data Model Reason
Person Profile Compa uses candidate location to determine the appropriate labor market (e.g. SF Bay Area, Detroit Metro, etc.) for an offer. Candidate PII is not required, stored, or accessible from the product.
Job Profile Contains most necessary info about a job: location, job ID, job level, department, etc.
Recruiting Workflow The combination of a Job Profile and Person Profile relationship is known as the Recruiting Workflow. This arrangement allows a many to many relationship from Jobs to People. Contains necessary info about the offer: salary, bonus, etc.


Contact your sales representative or email to get answers to any additional questions you may have about Compa Offers integration.