How does Compa work?

You are hiring in new markets. You seem to encounter new competitors every day. Your market data feels outdated. It takes more to win.

Compa is for Talent Acquisition teams that need to convert candidates in competitive markets. We help recruiters use competitive intelligence to develop smarter offers. We help Talent Acquisition leaders improve efficiency at the offer stage. And we help organizations make compensation fair and competitive for everyone.

We can get you up and running on Compa in just four quick steps!

Seamlessly integrate with your ATS

Data flows automatically and securely between your applicant tracking system and Compa.

Onboard your recent offers

Messy data in your ATS? We've seen worse. Compa enriches your offer history to automate insights like your win rate.


Auto-analyze your compensation

Compa's data science engine structures your pay data underneath the hood so you can make apples-to-apples comparisons.

Create winning offers

Compa's automated intelligence and easy-to-use tools help you balance fairness, cost, and competitiveness of your offers.


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