How Compa Offers structures your comp data

Structuring your comp data

During onboarding, Compa sends a questionnaire to your compensation team to capture company info and the details of your compensation programs in order to accurately map the data in your applicant tracking system (ATS).


The questionnaire covers topics regarding company info, compensation programs, and career architecture.

Company info

In order to make it possible for you to filter market data to relevant company sources, Compa gathers basic info about your company.


Examples of company info include:

  • Countries you operate in, e.g., United States, India

  • Industry, e.g., Semiconductor, Fintech

  • Size, e.g., 6k-15k employees

  • Revenue, e.g., $1 billion - $5 billion

  • Type, e.g., Public, Private, Not-for-Profit

Comp programs

During onboarding, you will complete the Comp Questionnaire to share key details of your compensation programs. Our implementation team will then review it and follow up with any questions to ensure data fields in the applicant tracking system (ATS) are accurately structured and mapped.


The fundamental building blocks of making compensation apples-to-apples are pay element type, value, and timing.


Let’s take stock compensation as an example:

  • Type: RSUs

  • Value: $ value

  • Timing: 4-year standard vest

Compa Offers includes data for all kinds of pay elements included in the offer, including base salary, bonus, and stock compensation. Offers-based data can provide unique insights to one-time pay specific to offers, such as signing bonuses.


In the example of signing bonuses:

  • Type: Cash bonus

  • Value: $ value

  • Timing: Year 1, one-time

Compa additionally captures the types of jobs at your organization to ensure pay is structured appropriately.


For example, if your organization includes sales roles, Compa will identify base salary versus on-target incentive (OTI) pay in the ATS. Or, if your organization includes front-line field roles, Compa will identify hourly base salary rates instead of annual rates.

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