Global Currency

We know organizations don't just make offers in the US. Most companies have global operations meaning recruiters are looking for candidates in every corner of the world. It's important you can build offers that are representative of the currency candidates care about, but looking up exchange rates and doing back-of-envelope math to try and figure out the conversion is time-consuming.

With Compa, you can build your offer in the appropriate local currency and convert other data within the app, so you can always get to meaningful apples-to-apples comparisons.

To get started, navigate to the Settings at the top right of any Compa page. Choose the currency in which you'd like to view data. (Note: currencies will be available based on configuration completed during implementation.)

Once selected, Compa will automatically convert all data across the app to your chosen currency. Data will appear with an approximation symbol ("≈") to indicate it's been converted.

Hover tooltips provide quick reference to the data value's original native/local currency.

Conversion Exceptions

There are a couple places in Compa where data is NOT converted or may be treated differently.

  1. Offers that are built in a local currency will be displayed as such if the local currency has also been selected from the global settings. In the example below, the first offer was built in local currency, so the approximation symbol ("≈") isn't necessary because the user settings are in CAD. The other two offers were built in USD and are being converted to CAD based on the user settings, and so the approximation symbol ("≈") has been applied.

  2. Guidelines will always be displayed in their native/local currency - regardless of the user's global setting. Hover tooltips are available with the appropriate conversion for informational purposes only.

  3. Aggregate values do not include the approximation symbol ("≈") as they are composed of many data points — often representing multiple currencies. Compa takes currency into consideration when it calculates these values and displays them in the users' chosen currency.