How to review and compare pay data for your candidate

In an environment where candidates have an increasingly sophisticated understanding of compensation in an increasingly competitive market, you need real-time analytics to easily communicate compensation scenarios with your candidates.

Forecast enables interactive exploration and comparison of different offers and scenarios - all without having to download data and build an Excel model. It's also helpful for understanding the cash flow dynamics of offer(s) over time so you are equipped to:

  • Build offers that meet candidate requirements AND

  • Effectively communicate the benefits of an offer to your candidates.

To get started, navigate to a candidate's detail screen. In the top left corner, under their name, click on “Forecast”.

From this screen you can:

  1. Hover over chart elements to see a breakdown of pay elements and their detail.

  2. Add or remove pay cards from the graph view to analyze offer alignment and competitiveness.

  3. Use Bonus and Stock dropdowns to model increases in pay due to outperformance of bonus attainment or stock price growth.

  4. Edit the details of a pay card by clicking on it.


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