FAQs: Peer Groups

Q. What if I want to include a company in my peer group that may be in process of integration, but isn’t yet in Offer's dataset?

A. Each month we send an email to all users, which includes an update on the number of offers in app, new job families and/or countries available and new customers who have joined the Offers data set. You can also check the participant list in app to view which customers are live or still in progress.

Once a new customer has completed integration and is live in app, they will be available in the submission form. At that point, you can complete a new Peer Group submission.

Q. I submitted a Peer Group, but want to make a change. What do I do?

A. Simply fill out a new submission form. We’ll reach out with any questions or to confirm if a new submission should take the place of a current one.

Q. Why are Admins the only users that can submit a peer group?

A. Most organizations have lots of users, but typically only one or two Admin users. Because any one organization can have many Peer Groups, limiting development and submission to Admins ensures intra-organization alignment.

Additionally, single points of contact means Compa can more quickly address issues or questions so your Peer Group is available in app as quickly as possible.

Q. How quickly will I be able to see my Peer Group in app after it’s been submitted?

A. Barring any questions or clarifications about your submission, your Peer Group will be available in app within three (3) business days.

Q. Why is there a 10 company minimum?

A. Reducing a data set can have a large impact on the statistical validity and ability to conduct meaningful analyses.

To protect the privacy of our customers and in order to provide the highest reliability and generalizability of results, we require inclusion of at least 10 companies for peer group development and availability in Offers.