FAQs: Job Matching

How does Compa make jobs and levels apples-to-apples?

Compa has a canonical, or standard, career architecture. Similar to traditional surveys, your jobs, levels, and locations are mapped to Compa in order to accurately reflect differences in pay by these factors. Compa maps your jobs and levels during onboarding, and you can edit or add new matches after you are live in Compa Offers.

When we create new jobs, how do they stay matched?

When recruiters create new jobs and make an accepted or rejected offer, Compa will automatically match that offer to a job, level, and location. If Compa cannot automatically make the market match, you can manually match the offer to the correct job, level, and location.

Do I have to match my jobs to Compa?

No, as part of your onboarding process, Compa matches your jobs to Compa’s standard job architecture.

Do we have to submit data annually?

No, you do not have to manually submit data reports to participate in Compa Offers. Compa Offers connects to your applicant tracking system (ATS) via API, creating a seamless connection between your system of record and Compa.

Can I change my market matches?

Yes, you can edit your market matches in Compa.

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