FAQs: Internal Pay Parity

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Is there a difference between Internal Pay Parity and Current Employees?

They're one in the same! The overall feature is called Internal Pay Parity and the row on the Swimlane is called Current Employees.

Where does Compa get the employee data for the swimlane row?

Compa works with your organization's HRIS/HCM team to configure report parameters that deliver specific, required data elements to Compa. Once received, Compa reviews current employee data against candidate applications to ensure matching parameters are met.

How do you know which current employees will be in the Swimlane?

Current employees are deemed similar to an application if there is a match across the following criteria:

  1. Job Family

  2. Job Level

  3. Prediction Location

If an application is missing any one of the above, it will not have any current employees. Additionally, if the above parameters are changed by a user in Compa, it could affect whether the current employees swim lane has results.

Are there any restrictions to what data is shown?

To the extent match parameters are met, a new row in Swimlanes will be added with an associated range. The range will include lowest, highest and median salaries.

  • A range will only be displayed if n>=5 current employees.

  • An empty swim lane with corresponding messaging will be rendered if n<5

What pay element data is available in Compa?

Currently, only base salary is available in Compa. We expect more pay elements to be added over time.

What happens if I change my view settings?

Because base salary is the only pay element currently available, users must have Base Salary selected from settings for the current employee swimlane to render. If your view is set to Total Comp, you can change it from the top right of the screen, or by clicking "Base Salary" within the Current Employees row.

Why can't I click on the summary to see a detailed employee view?

We take security and privacy seriously at Compa and are constantly working to ensure we are protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII). As such, details regarding who the current employees are within the range is not made available. This information is only available via the HRIS / HCM for those users with appropriate access.

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