FAQs: Getting Started with Compa Offers

Do I have to sign a contract to start using Compa Offers?

Yes, Compa customers sign our standard form agreement to kick off your onboarding process.

How does pricing work?

Compa Offers is a flat annual subscription fee. Please contact Compa’s Offers Lead, Zack, for pricing details, including Launch Partner incentives to sign up.

Do I have to complete a security review before using Compa?

Most companies’ procurement processes require a legal and security review before Compa can connect to your applicant tracking system (ATS). Check with your procurement team for details on how it works for your organization.

Can I upgrade to Compa Offers?

Yes, you can upgrade to Compa Offers, our offer management platform for recruiters, at any time.

Want to find out more? Contact sales@trycompa.com to chat with a team member and get a demo.