Defining Pay Elements

Whether you're capturing candidate data via Pay Expectations and Competing Offers, or working to build an Offer, its important to understand how pay elements are defined and how they contribute to apples-to-apples comparisons in Compa.


Pay Elements for Pay Expectations, Competing Offers and Current Pay

Pay element availability is the same for Pay Expectations, Competing Offers and Current Pay modals. You have the option to capture as much data as the candidate is willing to share across a variety of different elements.

Pay elements for these modals are defined as follows:

Pay Element Also Known As… Definition
Base Salary Annual salary, base pay, base Initial salary offered to a candidate, not including benefits, bonuses, or other guaranteed compensation. In the US, typically expressed as 12 month annual value.
Ongoing Bonus Annual bonus, target bonus, cash incentive, short-term incentive

Representative of the org's corporate bonus program where employees are eligible for an annual bonus, based on achievement of corporate and/or individual goals. Expressed as a percentage of base salary or a target amount.

Other Bonus

Milestone, spot, patent, referral, project, etc.

Any variable payment a company might offer a candidate that is not covered by other defined pay elements. Typically expressed as an amount.

Relocation Bonus

Moving bonus, lump sum, relocation allowance

A fixed, lump sum amount provided to a candidate to help them manage expenses related to moving from one location to another. (Compa represents a simple cash bonus value - not a benefit inclusive of relocation services.)

Sign-on Bonus

New hire bonus, sign-on, starting bonus, hiring bonus, signing bonus

Used to attract employees with hard-to-find skills or as a way to make an employee "whole" if they are leaving money on the table from their previous employer.

Stock Compensation

Equity compensation, stock-based compensation, share-based compensation, options, RSUs, equity

Noncash payout to supplement employees' cash compensation (salary and bonuses) with shares of ownership in the business. Most commonly awarded in the form of stock options or restricted stock.

Refresh Grant

Refresher, equity refresh grant, performance grant, annual grant

An incremental grant by a company of additional ownership to an employee who has already received an initial equity grant. Typically used to retain top talent and compete with other companies.

Total Compensation

Total comp, total direct compensation, TDC

 Within Compa, Total Compensation includes base, bonuses, and equity.


Pay Elements for your Offers

Pay elements for the offers you build in Compa will be based on what your organization provides as part of it's compensation philosophy. Similarly, the definitions of those elements is set by your organization. During implementation, Compa works with your Comp Team to understand your comp programs and configure them appropriately for use in Compa.