Creating Your Own Market Data with Pay Insights

How to use Pay Insights

Talent Acquisition teams interact with the talent market every day, but most organizations don’t have the right tools (or any tools at all!) to capture compensation insights from the recruiting process. Our friends in Total Rewards purchase survey data to help triangulate the market, but it's not always helpful for day-to-day compensation decisions - like offers.

With Pay Insights, Compa automatically aggregates the data Talent Acquisition teams capture from candidates to form a real-time view of your talent market. You can view how captured data has transformed into market insights, including comparison to your offers and guidelines. Identifying emerging trends and adapting compensation strategy just got a whole lot easier!

To get started, select Pay Insights from the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Chart highlights the distribution of pay insights and the median offer value

    • Hovering over a stacked bar provides detail on the pay insights range, win rate for offers, and counts by individual pay insights

  • Pay Insights summary statistics include:

    • Weighted median of Pay Expectations and/or Competing Offers

    • Percent change in compensation over the chosen time period

    • Indication of how far above/below the median Pay Insight(s) are to your Guideline midpoint (e.g., how much do pay insights lead/lag your pay guideline?)

    • Toggles and counts

  • Our Offers summary statistics include:

    • Weighted median of Offers

    • Compa-ratio (e.g., aggregate offer vs. the associated Guideline)

    • Toggle and count

  • Using filters and/or toggles updates the chart, calculations, statistics and table

    • Filter by Job/Level and period to understand pay trends over time

    • Filter by Company or Location to understand trends by competitors or areas you operate

    • Toggle pay insights on/off to compare Pay Expectations and Competing Offers to your Offers

  • Use the table below the chart to drill into specific Candidates or Pay Insights

    • Selecting any row provides a summary view of that candidate's pay insights

    • Clicking on the candidate's name from within the read-only pop-up modal will navigate you to the Candidate Profile

Pay Insights will also include an additional row of detail for those customers that have configured current employee pay ranges within Compa. The Current Employees row provides an additional perspective on how your organization's current pay stacks up against other pay insights, like Pay Expectations, Competing Offers and/or your Offers. Your settings must be in Base Salary, and any applied filters will adjust the range accordingly.

Where does the data come from?

Pay Insights are an aggregate of YOUR company's data based on information received from your ATS (or HRIS/HCM for Current Employees), and/or entered by you or your team.

Have questions about Pay Insights? Reach out to us via Chat or Support.