Create an Offer

How to create an Offer from your company

By capturing offers you make to candidates, you're adding to an ever-increasing database of information. Compa aggregates that data to provide insights and help improve your ability to create fair and competitive offers.

To get started, navigate to a candidate's detail screen. Click on “Create Offer” and capture data related to the offer you're making. (Note: you can also create an Offer from Swimlanes at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the "+" icon next to the Our Offer row.)

Adding Offer Details

  1. Enter values for pay elements referencing your company's guidelines (as available)

  2. View compa-ratio by pay element (available for pay elements with associated guidelines)

  3. Change job family and/or level (as applicable)

  4. Assign/change location

  5. Add notes

  6. Review Traffic Lights to ensure your offer is fair and competitive

  7. Click the deeplink to view the candidate profile in your ATS

Offer Summary

Click Summary in the bottom left corner to view offer details in total. When you've finished adding pay elements and reviewing, click "Save Offer" to exit the Offer Builder.

Named Offers

You'll notice that each time you build a new offer, Compa automatically appends a letter to it, which appears anywhere you see the offer - Activity Feed, Side-by-Side, Forecast, Sharing, etc.

It's a helpful reference for those situations where you may have multiple offers that are the same total comp value, but include different mixes of pay elements.

Making Updates

Have you chatted with the candidate or hiring manager and need to make updates? No problem! Use the "Edit" icon from the Our Offer card on the candidate's detail screen and edit away! (You can also hover over the offer and click "Edit" from Swimlanes at the bottom of the candidate profile screen.)

Creating Additional Offers

Do you want to enter two offers to be able to compare them? No problem! You can add as many as you like...Just repeat the process above! Additional offers will have the next letter of the alphabet appended to the end and will label sequentially, e.g., A, B, C.

Deleting Offers

Would you like to delete the Offer altogether? Click the "Edit" icon and then once in the Offer card, click the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner and choose delete.

A deleted offer will take with it the appended letter, which will not be reassigned. If a new offer is subsequently added, it will use the next letter in alphabetical sequence. For example:

  • 1st offer = "A"

  • 2nd offer added = "B"

  • 2nd offer deleted

  • Third offer added = "C"

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