Add a Candidate's Current Pay

How to capture your candidate's current pay

By capturing your candidate's current pay, you're adding to an ever-increasing database of information. Compa aggregates that data to provide insights and help improve your ability to create fair and competitive offers.

To get started, navigate to a candidate's detail screen. Click on “Current Pay,” and capture data shared by your candidate*. (You can also add Current Pay from Swimlanes at the bottom of the screen by clicking on the "+" icon next to the Current Pay row.)

  • Enter pay elements and associated values

  • Add location

  • Add notes

  • To view all inputs click "Summary" in the bottom left

  • Click “Save Current Pay” to exit

Have you chatted with the candidate and need to make updates? No problem! You can access the Current Pay card from the Prediction Inputs area or Swimlanes. Once you've accessed the card, choose the pay type from the left hand side (or click "+ Add Pay Element" if new) and edit away!

Would you like to delete Current Pay altogether? Click into the card, then on the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner, and choose delete.

*Remember, most states have laws regulating what you can (and can't) ask when it comes to a candidate's salary history. Check out our Salary History Ban article to double check legislation by state.

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