Activity Feed

How many conversations a day are you having with various stakeholders about a candidate and their offer? You're likely talking to other recruiters, recruiting managers and hiring managers to share background and build context. Those conversations are also likely happening in a myriad of places - in person, by phone, over email and via messaging like Slack. Trying to keep track of all the conversations can be a full time job in and of itself - never mind that for some organizations discussions that take place in messaging apps can disappear after 30 days.

In talking with recruiters, it was clear they needed a common place to share context and keep track of offer decisions. Activity Feed was developed to help supercharge internal team communication, capture a granular history of changes and keep all that information in one place, with no expiration.

To get started, navigate to a Candidate's Profile page.

  • Information added to, and stored in, the Activity Feed is specific to the candidate, including their offers, prediction inputs and pay insights

  • The feed will be empty until a user:

    • includes a comment,

    • adds data, like Pay Expectations, or

    • makes changes to existing data.

  • Comments and any data adds/edits will be kept for as long as the candidate remains in Compa - even after they accept or reject an offer

Capturing notes relevant to the candidate or their offer
Useful shortcuts when adding comments
  • @mentions: use “@offer” if you’d like to reference a specific offer (if more than one offer exists)

  • Multiple lines: use <shift+enter> to hard return for multiple lines or to include a space between lines / comments </shift+enter>

  • Bullets: type “- ” to start a bulleted list

  • Posting: Click the purple arrow or hit to post your comment

Automatic capture of data adds and edits
Data rendering based on global selector settings

Activity Feed is viewable in preview or via shared links for Internal Sharing only; it's hidden for External Sharing.

Have questions or feedback? Contact us in app via the chat, or via email at